Someone who knows all your stories and lives them with you. That is a friend and that may be the role of your sofa. It’s a chosen, thoughtful, and sought bolthole. It’s a tiny cosy place where you share emotions, a space to connect, an area of communication. It means sharing values and common purposes. It is our sofa Buddy with its fun and rounded shapes.


Structure: made of plywood with fir wood crosspieces. Seat suspension with woven elastic belts.
‍Seat and armrests padding: in non-deformable, variable density polyurethane foam covered with polyester fiber 280gr/sqm.
Backrest padding: with channeled goose down and polyester fiber blend, covered with down-proof fabric.
Feet: angular chromed steel feet, h. 4 cm. 
Upholstery: removable fabric cover or non-removable leather cover

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