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PRANE MILENA company was founded in the early eighties by Prane Milena and Palliotto Franco as a family business that has always been involved in providing upholstery and design manufacturing products for important brandsĀ  in the furniture industry.

The company PRANE MILENA has always focused in research of new technologies both as models and as products, while remaining alert to new trends that the
market requires, and especially by giving importance to the research of high quality products to meet customer needs.

Since 1986 PRANE MILENA has created its own line of chairs and tables for home, office desks and sofas MODERN AND CLASSIC, giving even the most demanding products tailored to optimize them spaces of everyday life.

In 1992 he started manufacturing chairs and bar tables, stools and contract chairs.
Also always follows the field of repair and upholstery.

In 1994 Palliotto Francesco became a member in the family business.

In 2012 the company changed from a sole proprietorship company called PRANE MILENA to PRANE DESIGN SAS of Palliotto Francesco & C. for a change of guide
between mother and son.

Talk to engineers PRANE DESIGN SAS, means having a personalized answer and a total openess, not only with regard to products themselves but also for technical assistance, logistics, shipping.

The company PRANE DESIGN S.A.S. firmly believes in the importance of the service, on the basis of this idea gives a continuous support on vast

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